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Cultural Trends

When consumer behaviors and trends change at a moment's notice, Yelp tracks these shifts in real time. Yelp consumer interest and search data uncovers changes in user behavior around cultural moments, while our extensive review text data predicts rising trends across food, beauty, and home.

She-conomy Trend Report 2024

Economic Indicators

Yelp's proprietary data provides a near real-time measure of local U.S. economies. By analyzing new business openings, search trends, and consumer interest across a broad range of business categories, we're able to provide unique insights into the strength of local economies and consumer behavior across the U.S. on a granular level.

Business Openings Report 2023

Brand & Industry Insights

Millions of people rely on Yelp for business information about their favorite brands and local businesses across thousands of categories, whether it’s to satisfy a food craving, find a service provider for their home, or locate the nearest retail store. Using Yelp ratings, review text, and business information, our data can uncover industry insights and emerging consumer trends.

2024 State of the Restaurant Industry

Key Findings from Yelp’s Latest Report

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What Industry Experts Have Said

Yelp data can complement government surveys by measuring economic activity in close to real time, at a granular level, and at a variety of geographic scales.

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