Yelp’s 2024 Trend Forecast

Yelp’s 2024 Trend Forecast

November 15, 2023

With the new year around the corner, we’re excited to release Yelp’s 2024 Trend Forecast, revealing the rising trends to watch across food, beauty, and home — from the cocktails we’ll be sipping, to how we'll glam it up, and the different ways we’ll reimagine our living spaces. To highlight the newest trends, Yelp tapped its team of data scientists, community managers, trend expert Tara Lewis, and top interior designer featured on Max’s Trixie Motel, Dani Dazey. We looked at millions of Yelp reviews for words, phrases, and businesses across categories that saw significant interest between 2022 and 2023.

On the food front, expect girl dinner on the menu, never-ending iterations of the martini, and a cocktail Yelpers believe will be the hottest drink of 2024, to name a few.

In beauty and lifestyle? Prepare for cold plunges, mocktails on the nightlife scene, and a new kind of pedicure (spoiler: it’s waterless).

For our home report, Yelpers are getting creative by going for small, affordable home projects that provide big value and personalization. No more blank spaces — get ready for dopamine decor and statement mirrors.

Girl Dinner on the Menu

Search Increases



“Girl Dinner” at-home made headlines this year. Yelp users are searching for “noshing” (up 140%), and some restaurants, like Chicago’s Paradise Park, have even added “girl dinner” menu specials to embrace the trend.

Smoothie Nation

Search Increases

Erewhon Smoothies


Hailey Bieber Smoothie


Artful smoothies exploded onto the scene earlier this year, with searches for “Erewhon smoothies” up 178% and the “Hailey Bieber smoothie” up 408%.

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Take the Cold Plunge

Search Increases

Cold Plunge Therapy


Searches for "cold plunge therapy" increased 521%, as people seek out its surprising health benefits, including improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and increased energy levels.

Sober Curious

Search Increases



People are saying goodbye to hangovers and embracing sober curiosity for its potential health benefits as Yelp data shows searches for "mocktails" are up 137% compared to last year.

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Dopamine Decor

Search Increases

Pink Paint


The Barbiecore phenomenon brought dopamine decor to the masses. With searches for “pink paint” up 92%, Yelp data shows that trend won’t be going anywhere for 2024.

The Year of the Statement Mirror

Search Increases

Mirror Installation


Whether it’s vintage, ornate, or funky, searches for “mirror installation” are up 34% compared to the year prior. A perfect hack to open up any room or fill that blank wall.  

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Consumer Searches

To gather our report forecast topics, our data science team identified trends within review text and searches by measuring the frequency of the phrases mentioned per million words for reviews, or per million searches. Trend statistics are noted as year-over-year comparisons from August 2022 through July 2023 as compared to August 2021 through July 2022. “Searches” were based on consumers’ typed search queries and suggested terms or phrases they clicked on.