2024 Summer Home and Outdoor Trends

Yelp's Summer Home
Outdoor Trends

May 20, 2024

Yelp released its 2024 Summer Home and Outdoor Trends report, spotlighting how homeowners are upgrading their abodes, from bathrooms to the backyard.

Amid high mortgage rates, inflation, and a costly home buying market, Yelp data reveals how people are turning to home services professionals to reimagine their current spaces — from home renovations and apartment projects, to backyard makeovers – as well as the top 25 cities for home renovations. To uncover these trends, we tapped our team of data scientists, who analyzed millions of searches from Yelp’s trusted community of users, along with Yelp Trend Expert Tara Lewis.

This year, expect to see backyards evolve into sensory gardens, bathrooms morph into spa-like retreats, and homes glow with the warmth of soft, ambient lighting. From incorporating runway-inspired accents, to giving vintage pieces new life, Yelp’s report showcases trending home improvement projects, and how skilled professionals can bring them to life.

Luxe-level self-care at home

Search Increases

Plunge Tubs


Sauna installation


Steam showers


Bathroom remodel


Yearning for the spa without leaving home? Yelp users are diving into luxe-level wellness-focused features, with searches for plunge tubs (up 313%), sauna installations (up 77%), steam showers (up 38%) and bathroom remodel (up 53%) skyrocketing.

Home gardens that play to the senses

Search Increases

Home gardening


Chicken coops


Lavender plants


Rosemary plants


Water fountains


Edible plants


Searches show how people are embracing home gardening (up 41%) through the creation of tranquil sensory gardens with components like lavender plants (up 77%) and water fountains (up 36%). Many are taking their self-sufficient endeavors to the next level with rising searches including homestead gardens (up 25%), edible plants (up 254%), chicken coops (up 76%), and more.

See more in Yelp’s 2024 Summer Home & Outdoor Trend Report

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Consumer Searches

Yelp identified trends within consumer searches by comparing the searches of the phrases mentioned year-over-year from April 2023 to April 2024. To compare the change in volume of a specific search query, we evaluated the number of times per million searches the query was entered.