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July 2024

This month on Yelp: value meals, soccer bars, and no-spend summer

As July heats up, so do the trends on Yelp! Fast food chains are competing with value meals, while many embrace a "no-spend" summer. We're celebrating the Caesar salad's 100th anniversary, and people are heading to soccer bars as fútbol fever sweeps the nation. Limoncello is becoming the latest summer drink trend, while people are finding ways to stay cool, both at home by getting their air conditioner serviced and locally at public pools and swimming holes.

Changes in search on Yelp in June 2024 vs. June 2023

Value meals

Fast food chains are vying to offer the best value menu this summer, from McDonald’s $5 Meal Deal to Taco Bell’s $7 Luxe Cravings Box and Burger King’s $5 ‘Your Way Meal.’ As the cost of eating out continues to increase, everyone’s on the lookout for the best bang for their buck.

No-spend summer

Amid high inflation and cost of living, consumers are challenging themselves to a "no-spend" month. Whether it’s indulging in free activities like bike rides and public libraries or upcycling clothes at local consignment shops, people are finding creative ways to keep money in the bank while still making the most of their summers.

Caesar salad centennial

Girl dinner, anyone? Born 100 years ago this month, the Caesar salad is an undeniable classic. Chefs have been putting their own spins on this timeless dish as it continues to grow in popularity, such as the chicken Caesar wrap or grilled Caesar salad. Paired with fries and a martini, the Caesar salad is the ultimate "It Girl" meal.

Kickin’ it at the soccer bar

What better way to watch the Copa América, National Women’s Soccer League, Euro 2024, or soon Olympic soccer, than with your community? As soccer continues to gain traction in the U.S., people are increasingly looking for the best spots to rally behind their favorite teams.

Lemon liqueur, anyone?

Move over Aperol, it’s time to say hello to summer’s newest favorite liqueur, limoncello! People are increasingly opting for this Italian lemon liqueur for their spritzes, bringing a touch of sweetness to their summer sip.

Beat the summer heat

With scorching temperatures on the rise, it’s becoming more of a priority to cool down in your home and community. Whether it’s calling in the pros to get your air conditioning in tip-top shape or discovering the best spots to take a refreshing dip, Americans are doing everything they can to stay cool as the heat continues to break new records.

June 2024

This month on Yelp: thrift flips, mocktails on the menu, and support for LGBTQ-owned businesses

As summer heats up, Yelp data shows the drink of the summer isn’t a cocktail, with searches for mocktails up! Plus, people are discovering LGBTQ-owned businesses for Pride, upcycling their thrifted clothes into their dream wardrobes, finding ways to add protein to their favorite foods, and enjoying mango desserts before the end of the season.

Changes in search on Yelp in May 2024 vs. May 2023

Celebrating Pride

It's Pride month, and Yelp users are increasingly searching for ways to support businesses owned by members of the LGBTQIAA+ community, find inclusive spaces that are Open to All, and discover Pride events in their cities to celebrate.

Mango madness

Mango season is in full swing! This year, restaurants are finding creative ways to serve this sweet summer fruit and diners can’t get enough. From mango sago to mango sticky rice, these tropical treats add a refreshing twist to the season's desserts for a limited time.

Thrift flip

Consumers are increasingly mindful of their environmental footprint and are upcycling more to reduce their impact. But they're not stopping there; they are tailoring and transforming thrifted finds to design a one-of-a-kind wardrobe or revamped furniture, whether it’s a DIY sewing project or with the help of a professional tailor.

Sober summer

The cocktail of the summer is… not actually a cocktail. While mocktail popularity historically peaks during Dry January, searches for mocktails this May were higher than any other May in the past 5 years. From fruity fusions to herb-infused delights, mocktails are shaking up the scene and proving that you don't need alcohol to enjoy a refreshing, flavorful drink.

At-home hibachi

Search Increases

Hibachi catering


Remember the Blackstone Grill craze? Now, people are taking it up a notch and bringing the entire hibachi experience to their homes! Hosts are hiring hibachi chefs to create a fun, interactive, and delicious dining experience for their events.

Protein power

People are looking for delicious ways to boost their protein intake in their favorite breakfast foods, like protein pancakes, smoothies, and even cottage cheese in their eggs. This trend is all about finding tasty, nutritious options to fuel the day.

May 2024

This month on Yelp: Crunchy croissants, courtside chic, and new park trails

From the enduring popularity of coffee cocktails to the rise of tennis skirts and a new layer in the Croissant Multiverse – here’s what’s trending on Yelp this month. Plus, Yelp data highlights rising interest in national parks like Canyonlands and Great Basin alongside favorites like Redwood and Zion, as summer explorers seek new trails and experiences.

Changes in search on Yelp in April 2024 vs. April 2023

That's that me espresso

"Espresso" isn't just the song of the summer. While Yelp first forecasted the rise of espresso martinis in 2021 and the carajillo last year, the reign of coffee cocktails continues with celebrity collabs such as 818 Tequila x Chamberlain Coffee and Chili's x Vanderpump releasing their own versions of the espresso martini that swap vodka for tequila.

The crunchy croissant

Search Increases

Flat croissant


Hot on the heels of the Crookie craze, the "flat croissant" emerges as the latest pastry sensation, tracing its roots back to South Korea before captivating taste buds across the U.S. Popular bakery Alexander's Patisserie describes it as their buttery twist on a palmier, adding a deliciously innovative layer to the world of baked goods.

Wonders of the West

​​Ready to explore the great outdoors this summer? While Yelp data shows that Redwood, Zion, Olympic, and Yosemite are still some of the most popular National Parks, we're seeing increased interest in many others across the West, such as Canyonlands as hikers visit on their way to Arches and Great Basin as the snow starts to melt and people look to explore the Lehman Caves.

Goodnight to the big light

Search Increases

Ambient lighting


Are you an overhead light or a lamp person? Yelp users are turning off those harsh overhead lights and sticking to softer, layered lighting at home.

Serving tenniscore

Search Increases

Tennis gear


While pickleball continues to gain mainstream attention with celebrities like Taylor Swift repping the sport, tennis is making its comeback with Zendaya's new movie "Challengers" serving up major style inspiration. With searches for tennis gear on the rise, this trend is a perfect match for those aiming to ace their fashion game both on and off the court.

Swedish candy craze

Search Increases

Swedish candy


Swedish candy is captivating candy lovers with its unique flavors and textures, from Bubs to Sour Skulls. Even if you don't have a Bon Bon Swedish Candy store near you, you're not out of luck, as users around the country are finding these treats in local candy stores.

April 2024

Beyoncé’s country renaissance, crookie craze, and custom charm bracelets

This month on Yelp, Beyoncé's Cowboy Carter is leading increases in country-related searches, the viral “crookie” is making its way to U.S. bakeries, Yelp users are making one-of-a-kind accessories, and March Madness dominates sports bars across the country.

Changes in search on Yelp in March 2024 vs. March 2023

The Yeehaw Agenda

You heard about the Beyoncé Bump, and now the artist’s newest album Cowboy Carter is creating a new surge – this time in country-related searches from line dancing to western wear.

Le crookie comes to the U.S.

The viral "crookie," a flaky croissant dough stuffed with a gooey chocolate chip cookie, was first spotted in Paris and bakeries can't add the treat fast enough. The pastry has made its way stateside to local bakeries like Janie's Life-Changing Baked Goods and we predict more croissant fusions are on the horizon.

Charmed accessories

Search Increases

Charm bracelet


Yelp users are searching for these custom jewelry pieces, incorporating vintage charms to make one-of-a-kind accessories at local shops like Brooklyn Charm.

A new pace

Search Increases

Running club


More people are lacing up their sneakers and joining running clubs to train together as the running trend picks up pace on Yelp.

All eyes on the March Mavens

As college basketball players like Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese have been breaking records both on the court and in viewership, Yelp users are increasingly searching for the best sports bars with TVs so they don't miss a single shot of March Madness.

Spring harvest

Search Increases

Garden services


Right on time for Earth Month, Yelp users are growing a green thumb and seeking services to prep their garden for the spring and summer harvest.

March 2024

Women led consumer trends in the "Year of the Girl"

In honor of Women’s History Month, this month’s trend tracker celebrates the trends popularized by women that influenced consumer behavior and fueled the she-conomy.

Changes in consumer searches on Yelp in 2023 vs. 2022

Reading resurgence

BookTok and celebrity book clubs have helped a new generation of women writers send their masses of devoted fans to local bookstores for their latest releases.

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Scalp self-care

Search Increases

Head spa


Viral head spa treatments have caught the attention of Yelpers, combining deep scalp cleanses with relaxing ASMR sounds.

Signature scent

Inspired by popular creators, users are adding a touch of quiet luxury to their beauty routine with custom signature scents.

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Reformer revolution

Celebrities like Lori Harvey and Miley Cyrus credit pilates for their solid core and strong arms, leading Yelpers to sign up for classes at their local pilates studios.

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Smoothie selfie

Search Increases



Known for its viral collabs with female celebrities, Erewhon stores draw fans looking to snap a pic with their Coconut Cloud smoothie or soft serve Hailey's Way.

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Find your season

Search Increases

Color analysis


To personalize their wardrobe, style experts are helping users determine if they are a summer, winter, autumn, or spring color palette.

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